Student Support Services


Wi-Fi Services

The students at UoJ get access to seamless Wi-Fi services throughout the colleges of the university of Jazeera. The high speed wi-fi services of university of Jazeera are powered by high speed dedicated leased line internet services from Etisalat powered by fifty wi-fi points strategically located in different parts of the campus. The entire wi-fi infratructure is supported by Dell in form of warranty and next business day support.

Computer Laboratory

The students of University of Jazeera have access to state of the art Computer Laboratories having LAN based internet as well as wi-fi based internet access. The computers of the entire university are powered by valid Microsoft Campus License.

Library Services 

The students of University of Jazeera have access to the Library services from the centrally located Library of the university. UoJ has a large and rich library located in a dedicated building having over 12000 books and periodicals and having online access to various journals from EBSCO and other leading company.

Reprographic Services 

The University of Jazeera provides reprographic services, printing services and binding services to the students. The students can avail these services from the authorised vendor located in C block of the University.

Football Ground (Indoor)

University of Jazeera has state of the art Football Ground (Indoor) (Fully Airconditioned) for the students and other stakeholders. UoJ believes that sports is equally important to enhance their overall growth and development of the students. The footballground witnesses some of the most interesting matches and is testimony to the excitement, happiness and pleasure of the students beyond their classroom settings.

Football Ground (Outdoor)

The lush green football ground of University of Jazeera is one of the most happening locations for the students beyond the classroom timings. The students enjoy the matches with their peers, senior and juniors. The lush green ground is maintained by the university clean and green throughout the year. The students enjoy their time beyond their classroom in the outdoor football ground. This helps the students to enhance their physical and mental strength as well. The football ground is an excellent place for the students to get together and further their team skills and leadership skills. 

Visa Services

The HR department of the University provides the Visa Services to the expatriate students. The students coordinate with the members in HR department by submitting their documents to get the visa and also in getting their visa renewed at the time of expiry.


The GYM located in the University adjoining the University Theatre on the first floor of the Football Ground (Indoor). The students use the GYM to keep themselves fit and healthy. The Gym has various types of equipments to enable the students to enhance their musculur strength and physique. The students access the GYM according to the mutually convenient and agreed upon timings.

Transportation Services

The University of Jazeera provides transportation services by the University Bus to the students who need it. The students needing transportation services make an application to the student affairs officer and get the transportation services.

Hostel Services

The University of Jazeera is committed to facilitate the students in getting Hostel Services to the expatriate students on a needs basis to the expatriate students. The students are required to coordinate with the HR department to get guidance and support from the HR department for getting access to privately arranged hostel services.


The University has a clinic in the university. The clinic is one stop location for the students to get the First Aid services. 


The students at UoJ get the counseling services from the designated faculty members. The students are given counseling services to enable them to excel in the class as well as in activities beyond the class.

Career Guidance

The students at UoJ also get career guidance from their faculty members. The students are given career guidance about the various career opportunities in the higher education domain.


The University of Jazeera has a large cafetaria adjoining the college of law and football ground. The state of the art Cafetaria has excellent seating arrangement along with Pool table for the students to eat and enjoy. The cafetaria has wi-fi services active for the students to leverage internet for academic purposes.
The cafetaria services shall soon be revived after the renovation of the cafetaria building.







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