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UoJ Library is established in 2008, as a central educational resource, the growing collections of the university library consist of a well-balanced and up-to-date hard copy books, regular subscription to regional and international scientific journal titles. It also has reasonable electronic resources, to enable online access to subscribed educational databases and multimedia collections.

The spacious library and learning resources of UoJ foster the growth of ideas and interest in research. It also helps its visitors develop their education, and provides aids tailored to meet the needs of its visitors and comprehensively strengthens the educational process.


We aim to increase cultural awareness among UoJ students towards the cultural function of the library. Not only a place for books, the library is a great source of knowledge in all sciences. The library welcomes and serves visitors of all ages and from all walks of life, e.g. faculty, students, employees, researchers, post graduate students, …etc. Providing materials for study and research, information technology and changes in the methods of scholarly publication from print to digital are prioritized, as well as the role of the library as the repository of the written historical record of cultures.


The mission of UoJ’s library is to spread the light of knowledge which is part and parcel of various cultures in true sense. The library supports UoJ in identifying, organizing, preserving and offering accessible resources for its all visitors. The mission of the library is to connect people to knowledge across time and space; it provides a suitable environment for reading and learning. It is the library’s job to acquire, preserve, organize and steward knowledge in a way that makes it accessible for study and research.

To that end, the library provides distinctive collections, services, tools, and spaces that enhance teaching, learning, and research for all knowledge seekers.


  • The library is part and parcel of the education process. As a source of information, UoJ's library serves all educational and research functions. It helps create new vistas of science and knowledge. It provides the best possible materials and newest information technologies.
  • The Library provides a unique variety of references and specialized information resources that meet the needs of the UoJ's faculty members, students and researchers.
  • The library provides a very good environment designed to enrich the learning process and provide necessary material and resources.
  • UoJ's library radiates thanks to the treasures of knowledge it possesses and due to the services it provides for its frequent visitors. These services aid library-goers to achieve their objectives, expectations and ambitions.
  • The library offers very easily obtainable services.
  • The library has hired very well-trained and highly qualified librarians to achieve its objectives successfully.
  • The library keeps a valuable collection of printed books, manuscripts, Arab and foreign periodicals, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and general and specialized references for the purposes of study and research.
  • The library keeps abreast of analysis, ongoing planning, evaluation and budgeting to ensure the continuity of library operations.


The UoJ library is located in the Building (H) of the University campus. The existing library is located in a two storey dedicated building.

The first storey includes:

-      Reading Hall: It is a big Reading Room for gaining access to the Library's general collections of books and bound periodicals. Hundreds of books and latest periodicals are available to suit varied academic needs. Researchers also can use one of the many specialized reading rooms.

-      Arabic Books Room A: References and books in all areas of knowledge.

-      Arabic Books Room B: References and books of law in all specialties.

-      English Books Room: English references and books in all fields and specialties specially Information Technology, Business and Management.

-      The Postgraduate Room: It includes theses and dissertations in Law.

The second level of the Library is divided into two rooms: A storage room for extra books, also it can be used for some administrative activities, technical reviews of new books, coverage of environmental / current periodicals and references to save time and efforts of library frequenters and staff.

The Offices of the Librarian and the Director of the Library are inside the rooms, very close to the library's frequenters. They perform the administrative accountabilities, and have overall management responsibility of the library. They advise on the Library's rules and regulations,  accomplish the Library’s mission. They perform their duties professionally, provide access to information and sometimes social or technical programming for UoJ's faculty members, students and employees. 


Contact us : +971 42644466/ ext. 297.
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Sunday - Thursday, 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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