The Student Council

The student council is an important body of the students to enahnce the students overall experience in the university campus. It helps the students in

  • Helping in acquainting new students with the nature and scopes of the university life and the academic campus.
  • Serving as a bridge between students and the university administration towards offering better services for the student community. The Council also represents students with the administration and expresses and defends their view points.
  • Enhancing a spirit of cooperation and team-work among students, the administration, faculty, and staff of the various units of the institution.
  • Representing students of the university with similar student associations across the country.
  • Raising student's awareness of their national roles and magnifying their sense of belonging and the readiness to shoulder responsibility.
  • Raising awareness of moral principles. Boosting the levels of intellectual, social, artistic and sports activities at the university. Encouraging and refining student talents, potentials, and skills and enhancing the quest for creativity.

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