Academic Calendar



Semester 2016-2017: Spring  


The beginning of the academic guidance and registration for current students.

Accept requests for changing specialization and re-registration.

Placement  Tests for English language

31 Jan. -4 Feb. 2017


Incomplete Exams. 5 - 9 Feb. 2017 SUNDAY - THURSDAY
Start of the study 5 Feb.2017 SUNDAY
Start Withdrawal and addition. 5 – 16 Feb. 2017 SUNDAY- THURSDAY
The last date for withdrawal, addition or stop registration with a refund of all fees and not refunded after this date. 16 Feb. 2017 THURSDAY
Second Semester Holiday 2016/2017 26 Mar.-6 Apr. 2017 SUNDAY - THURSDAY
Mid- Semester Examinations 8- 14 Apr. 2017 SATURDAY- FRIDAY
The last date for the withdrawal without redemption fees and recording (W) in the academic record. 29 Apr.2017 SATURDAY
Academic assessment and the beginning of the academic guidance and early registration for Summer 1&2 Semester 2016/2017. 1 May2017 MONDAY
Last day for study. 25 May2017 THURSDAY
End Semester Examinations. 27 May – 5 Jun 2017 SATURDAY- MONDAY
Results of the final exams 6 Jun.2017 TUESDAY
Last date for submitting applications for incomplete exam 8 Jun.2017 THURSDAY
The last date for submitting complaints. 15 Jun. 2017 THURSDAY

Admission & Registration

Transfer Students

The conditions for the transfer of undergraduate credits follow: The applicant should have completed successfully at least one full semester in an accredited institution of higher education with a minimum CGPA...

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Grading System

UoJ has adopted a grading system and policies for all academic units. The faculty member is responsible for whatever grade symbol (A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F, or...

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Admission Requirements

A fully completed Application for Admission Form A certified copy of Secondary school certificate A copy of an official birth certificate Six passport-sized photographs A copy of a valid passport A Health fitness certificate Written pledge...

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