College of Media and Communication Sciences


The media & communication sciences facultyof Jazeera University is committed to give graduation for well-qualified students in various aspects of media, to join local and regional media institutions. Committed to the code of ethics, respect all values society. the faculty is committed to scientific and research environment, giving social services in order to support the welfare and progress of the society


  •         Furnishing students with the basic and advanced knowledge in the various areas and resources of Media and Communication Science.
  •         Availing students the opportunity to develop their mental and practical skills, and boost their learning abilities.
  •         Preparing students to assume the various Media and Communication Professions and consolidate their self confidence and problem solving faculties.
  •         Qualifying graduates that can positively participate and contribute to execution of field and academic activities in the areas Media and Communication Science.
  •         Enabling students to effectively communicate with and promptly respond to others.
  •         Enabling students to develop their media, writing and oral communication skills, urging them to work independently and collectively in a team spirit, and making the utmost use of technology.

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