The mission of the College of Law and Economics is to graduate students with the intellectual, academic, and practical skills needed for coping with the challenges of a fast changing world and contribute to local and international cultures. Through its proposed programs, the college offers academic, research, and practical courses that inspire and enhance the research and creative ability of the students to deal with new approaches in the fields of Law and Economic. These components form the ethical and moral foundation of understanding, analyzing and resolving issues, so as to take sound decisions. The program also prepares students for lifelong learning as well as graduate studies in all emerging areas of this evolving field.


The main objectives of the College of Law and Economics are to:

  • enable students to achieve academic and intellectual leadership,
  • prepare students to identify, analyze, and understand the interrelationships between Law and Economics in the age of information technology;
  • enhance awareness of the needs of the learners and the society for ethical, professional, and socially responsible practices,
  • prepare students to deal with the concept of research and development required for developing innovative endeavors and practices, and
  • Develop student skills and competences to cope with the emerging and changeable needs of individuals and the different sectors of the society.


Program Mission

The BA program in Law and Economics aims to equip graduates with a strong command of the theories and applications in Law and Economics. The program addresses the professional needs of lawyers and equips them with the critical thinking tools of identifying; analyzing and resolving the legal, communicative and practical problems they may face, especially with the emerging applications related to globalization and information technology. To enhance the practical and critical knowledge of inter-cultural communication required, the Core Courses lead to a comprehensive understanding of the various theories of Law and Economics, and the Concentration Courses familiarize the students through research-based courses with the main issues of applications.

Program Objectives

The program aims at providing graduates with the skills required for:

  • understanding and following the recent developments in the Law and Economics;
  • developing the ability to identify, analyze and resolve the problems faced by the individual, industry, and business sectors, and to design the consultations and solutions required in this respect;
  • using modern technological approaches and devices in developing personal capabilities and research methods for life-long learning;
  • developing the oral and written communication skills required in an inter-cultural setting;
  • developing the practical and professional understanding of the nature of the Law and Economics and its their fields;
  • enhancing the creative ability of utilizing laws and analyzing legal and economical cases and their impact;
  • familiarizing with the for accomplishing different social, affective and cognitive actions and interactions;
  • developing the research and professional tools needed for solving problems in Law and Economics and for enhancing life-long learning.


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