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The continuous flow of information due to the successive developments in different fields of knowledge is considered a major challenge in order to facilitate its use without the trouble of searching millions of documents in libraries and on Internet site.  Making it clear that there are centers to facilitate the use of information and the work of scientific research for researchers, These centers can be institutionalized to raise their efficiency. They will be located in various libraries affiliated with scientific institutions to upgrade these centers and enhance the sources of learning with the services attached thereto. 

Learning Resource Center at Aljazeera University

We are working as a team in cooperation with the Director of the library Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Rahman to develop regulations, instructions and laws that deal with the internal system of the library as well as to encourage students to get benefit from all existing learning resources according to a proposed schedule. The library also provides the students with all the necessary references, journals, Data Base that help them achieve the highest standards of quality. In addition to that, the library tries to strengthen the communication ties with other educational establishments inside and outside the UAE through donating its publications.

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Chairman, Library Committee

Prof. Nabila Ahmed Agha

Dean of College of university requirements

A - Photographic Service: 

Where the number of 2 cameras is allocated to meet the needs of students in different disciplines or postgraduate students to write the scientific messages according to the required academic standards, and how to write scientific references.

B – Scan Service :

          The service requires a scanner and is available in the library to perform scanning service for some special papers and certificates.

C - Printing service on the computer:

         Two computers are allocated to the printer to write the research and letters, and then print them to photocopiers copies copies required.
D - Translation Service:
           Providing translation services for researchers to use the translators through specialists in translation into English from several languages, as well as to translate certificates from or to foreign universities.

E. Scientific Research Service:   

The collection of data for scientific research through the databases available at the university such as knowledge and IBSCO and can be shared with any other databases that are needed by the scholars Acounting.

Friends of the Library

            The Center carries out a series of activities carried out by trainees from the Friends of the Library, which are made by library specialists who regularly visit the library for the purpose of scientific research or reading. These activities focus on teaching and learning and facilitating scientific research.

           1 - Explain the importance of reading and ask for this through a presentation of a particular book through a summary, and deals with this book with the library specialist, and there are prizes for the best presentation and discussion of this book.
       2 - Conducting competitions to extract some words and terms used in different disciplines in cooperation with the faculty members, using some dictionaries and various dictionaries available in the library for the purpose of accustoming the learners to use them after the definition of these types of references and methods of order.
        3 - Help in some administrative work in the library, such as the number of books with the classification numbers for the subject of the book and the book shelf according to the numbers of the academic classification of the assistance in scientific research.

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