College of University Requirements Advisory Office

• After reviewing the laws and regulations governing the university

• Labor interest

It is decided:-

Article 1

The Advisory Committee is composed of the following members:

1.     Prof. Nabila Ahmed Ali Agha:- Dean of College of University Requirements (Chairman)

2.     Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman:- Head of Education Department, Dubai Educational Zone(Member)

3.     Dr. Ayman Ramadan Zahran:- Advisor in the Diwan of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid(Member)

4.     Dr. Amrsalem Al-Adhab:- a specialist in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education(Member)

5.     Dr. Mustafa Abo El Nour:- Head of Arabic Language Department, College of University Requirements( (Member)

6.     DR. Mohammed Hamid Al-Ta’ani:- Head of English Language Department, College of University Requirements. (Member)

Article 2

Duties of the advisory office.

The Advisory Office seeks to provide the academic and educational consultations to the College of University Requirements and to activate quality standards for its performance and self-evaluation processes through:

1.     Improving and developing learning outcomes of mandatory and elective courses so that they can achieve their objectives and promote quality.

2.      Meeting the standards of the National Authority of the Academic Accreditation

3.     Evaluating the educational process by measuring the inputs and outputs of performance indicators so as to identify the strengths and weaknesses of mandatory and elective courses offered by the College and making a strategic plan for development on the basis of local, regional and international developments in the field of quality.

4.     Following -up the development of work within the College of University Requirements so that we can reach a distinguished level among colleges of University requirements in other universities in the UAE, and to achieve a high competitiveness in labor market.

5.     Designing training programs that play a part in the application of the mechanisms of the internal quality and the professional development of faculty members and in particular for completing programs and courses files and for the use of advanced technology in educational process.

6. Creating communication between the college and schools affiliated to the Ministry through students and professors’ inter-visitations and participating in all common activities.

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