Why UoJ

Student Centred

The University meets students' needs by responding quickly to changing conditions, and fulfilling their needs with careful consideration of their beliefs, culture and ethics.

Respect for People

UoJ will treat everyone with compassion, confidentiality, dignity, care and respect.
UoJ does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender, or physical disability.

UoJ is committed to demand the highest personal and institutional ethical standards and responsibility.

Quality and Excellence

UoJ is committed to achieving, maintaining, and continuously improving quality standards of service that will satisfy stakeholders. 

Community and Business Sector Commitment

UoJ effectively meets the needs of the community and business sector through sharing knowledge and skills with students, their families and community, as well as with other educational institutions.

Leadership and Teamwork

UoJ provides opportunities for leadership and teamwork at all levels throughout the University. Leaders and teams work together to achieve common goals with high degree of motivation and excellence.

Creativity and Innovation

UoJ respects and promotes innovation and creativity as key drivers for success. The University will provide opportunities for challenge, problem solving, growth, initiation and decisions. 

Productivity and Effectiveness

UoJ provides an enjoyable and positive work environment that fosters high productivity and effectiveness. The University implements efficient methods to establish challenging and achievable goals and rewards performance that achieves these goals and gives recognition to all who contribute to success.

Individual Development

UoJ is committed to promote and implement continuous development programs for faculty and staff members.

UoJ attracts employees and students of different nationalities and backgrounds to enhance cultural diversity and positive interactions with the aim of enriching the learning environment.

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