Registration Procedures

  • Students must register in person or online at the beginning of each semester or earlier. Registration procedures follow:
  • Students should identify the list of the courses he/she should take in each semester to satisfy the requirements of the program of study leading to their intended major. They should make an appointment with their academic advisors to discuss the proposed registration and approve it.
  • Student will be given a signed copy of their Registration Form. The Advisor will keep a signed copy to retain in the student's file,
  • The entries on the Registration Form that are agreed between the students and their advisors are then entered online by the student,
  • The students will then print out their own schedule cards. If a section is full, another selection will need to be made in consultation with the Advisor. Once the schedule card is finalized, and printed off, tuition fees are to be paid at the Finance Office.

Required Documents

  • A fully completed Application for Admission Form.
  • A certified copy of Secondary school certificate.
  • A copy of an official birth certificate.
  • Six passport-sized photographs.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A Health fitness certificate.
  • Written pledge by the applicant to comply with the UoJ roles and regulations.
  • TOEFL with grade 500 minimum or IELTS with grade 5.0 minimum for Business Administration or IT Programs.

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