Vision and Mission

The Vision

University of Jazeera aspires to become a distinguished institution of higher education, applied research and human resources development, nationally, regionally and internationally.

The Mission

University of Jazeera responds to national, regional and international changes by embracing diversity and nurturing innovation in learning & teaching, research and community service. UOJ is dedicated to develop a community of scholars that promotes ethical behavior and disseminates knowledge to the UAE society and throughout the world.

UoJ Goals

University of Jazeera aims at effectively contributing in the economic, social, and technological development of the society. This will be achieved by providing the appropriate environment for creativity and enabling the talent of faculty, staff, students and partners. The following goals will help in achieving the University aims:

  1. Qualifying human resources in the fields of knowledge and practice in accordance with the needs of the society.
  2. Providing curricula that foster active student participation through applied learning, research, and community service.
  3. Creating an inclusive campus community where students, faculty, and staff from different backgrounds collaborate - creating and sustaining a vibrant learning community.
  4. Providing and enhancing continuing education and training opportunities to contribute in the continuous professional development of human resources.
  5. Incorporating continuous improvement into all programs and activities to ensure competitive excellence.

UoJ's Objectives

The faculty and students of the university are participating members of an educational institution charged with preservation, discovery, and dissemination of knowledge in the different disciplines and with the creative application of that knowledge in their lives both as individuals and as members of society.

The objectives of the university are:

  1. To provide a liberal education, this aims at developing analytical thinking and individual initiative and responsibility.
  2. To provide flexible, innovative programs and support services that are responsive to a broad range of student and regional needs.
  3. To provide a wide range of learning opportunities for students interested in associate, baccalaureate, graduate, and non-degree programs.
  4. To require high standards of teaching and scholarship, and to encourage participation in professional activities.
  5. To create and maintain a learning environment in which the rights of all are respected.
  6. To enable students to contribute to global understanding and socioeconomic development by providing them with intercultural communication skills.
  7. To cultivate a stimulating learning environment in which career practices are informed by the highest standards of scholarly theory and principles of ethical behavior.
  8. To serve as a center of intellectual and practical excellence, where teaching, scholarship, and practice are integrated.
  9. To provide students with the attitudes, skills, and habits for lifelong learning and leadership roles in the global economy.
  10. To provide a professional faculty and an effective administration.
  11. To promote effective communication among faculty, students, administration, and the general public.
  12. To encourage thoughtful and responsible faculty and student participation in local, regional, and international affairs.
  13. To provide a diversity of intellectual, cultural, social and recreational activities and experiences for the university and surrounding communities.
  14. To organize conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops related to activities of the local, regional and international trends.
  15. To establish and strengthening scientific and cultural relations with institutions of higher education, research, and training, locally, regionally, and internationally.
  16. To maintain an on-going system of self-evaluation whereby the goals of the institution serve as the criteria for determining the institution’s effectiveness.

UoJ's Core Values
University of Jazeera aims at achieving its vision, mission, and objectives through applying different mechanisms including the following core values:

Student Centered
The University meets student needs by responding quickly to changing conditions, and fulfilling their needs with careful consideration of their beliefs, culture and ethics.

Respect for People
UoJ will treat everyone with compassion, confidentiality, dignity, care and respect. UoJ does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender or physical disability.

UoJ is committed to demand the highest personal and institutional ethical standards and responsibility.

Quality and Excellence
UoJ is committed to achieving, maintaining and continuously improving quality standards of service that will satisfy stakeholders.

Community and Business Sector Commitment
UoJ effectively meets the needs of the community and business sector through sharing knowledge and skills with students, their families and community, as well as with other educational institutions.

Leadership and Teamwork
UoJ provides opportunities for leadership and teamwork at all levels throughout the University. Leaders and teams work together to achieve common goals with high degree of motivation and excellence.

Creativity and Innovation
UoJ respects and promotes innovation and creativity as key drivers for success. The University will provide opportunities for challenge, problem solving, growth, initiation and decisions. 

Productivity and Effectiveness
UoJ provides an enjoyable and positive work environment that fosters high productivity and effectiveness. The University implements efficient methods to establish challenging and achievable goals and rewards performance that achieves these goals and gives recognition to all who contribute to success.

Individual Development
UoJ is committed to promote and implement continuous development programs for faculty and staff members.

UoJ attracts employees and students of different nationalities and backgrounds to enhance cultural diversity and positive interactions with the aim of enriching the learning environment. 

UoJ does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender, or physical disability.

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