Information Technology Center


The mission of the IT center is to support the university's academic and administration units with the latest technology, in terms of hardware and software, to achieve their goals. The IT center provides and maintains network and computer infrastructure throughout the campus.


The Objectives of the IT centre are to

  • Provide faculty and staff members with required  support for multimedia instructional delivery equipment and technical services
  • Support classrooms technologies to maintain continuous and consistent operation of the equipment without disruption
  • Periodically evaluate the equipment in classrooms and labs and propose improvements/solutions accordingly
  • Provide the UOJ community with information on evolving web technologies and best practices related to the field through mailers or workshops
  • Continuously improve the university website graphical design and general content structure
  • Develop connectors which would integrate new systems with the portal.
  • Do Planning, designing and managing the network infrastructure to meet the University requirements.
  • Administering and trouble-shooting the network infrastructure including the University`s Internet connection and wireless infrastructure.
  • Do Planning, designing and managing the telecom infrastructure to meet the University requirements.
  • Do Designing and managing the physical wiring for the data and voice network and implementing both intra-building and inter-building communications infrastructures.
  • Managing performance and capacity of systems & services.
  • Services provided by IT Center
  • Network Infrastructure to all offices, classrooms, and units within the university campus.
  • Internet facilities to all users.
  • Telecommunication facilities, including telephony and video conferencing.
  • Updating the University website and portals.
  • Giving technical support for IT application by academic and administrative units of the University.
  • Providing training on request on the use of equipment and programs.
  • Maintaining smart classrooms throughout the campus to ensure full functioning.
  • Help desk that provides fast help to all users.

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