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The College aims at graduating qualified personnel who can meet the requirements and needs of the work market, be able to compete locally, regionally, and internationally, and cope with the scientific and technological changes. The College also aims to promote the roles of scientific research and professional development in investigating the legal and economic fields and the related aspects towards the realization of comprehensive national development.



Message from the Dean

The College of Law and Economics is distinguished for bringing together the studies of law and economics, a feature that is unavailable at any other academic program at Arab universities. This, in fact, means distinction in leading up to diversity of job opportunities open before our college graduates, who may work in legal fields, such as judiciary, prosecution offices, and attorneyship, in addition to economic fields, such as banks, companies and other economic firms.

The College of Law and Economics is also distinguished for the flexibility of class timings: students may enroll in morning and evening classes, and during week days or weekends. They can also enroll in four semesters a year: The Fall semester, the Spring semester, and two summer semesters. This adds to the flexibility of the timings and is appropriate to students' conditions and circumstances.

Another distinct feature of the College's programs is the combination of theoretical and practical studies via 45 courses, in addition to training at courts, prosecution offices, banks, economic institutions, as well as the many field trips during the semesters.

I am pleased that the College has recruited scores of highly-skilled faculty, who are known for their academic competence and integrity. The choice of each of them is based upon well-defined criteria.

On the other hand, it is important to state that cultural, sports, and recreational programs add to, and enrich, the academic programs. By so doing, the College creates a social environment that makes the on-campus life fruitful and more enjoyable.

I wish every student in this College success in their academic careers and pray to Almighty Allah that they would effectively contribute to the development and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates and the Islamic & Arab nation .